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Construction Update May 2017: Southern Corridor Improvements

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Thursday, 4 May 2017

Welcome to the May 2017 construction update for the New Zealand Transport Agency's

Southern Corridor Improvements Project

This update outlines what works we achieved in April and provides details on what we have planned for May. Photos of progress are provided at the bottom of the update.


On Saturday 1 April, the new southbound off-ramp at Takanini was connected to the motorway by stitching the new and existing bridges over Papakura Stream together with concrete. The off-ramp was opened to traffic on the 20 April. Following this, the third southbound lane from Hill Road to Takanini was opened to traffic on Sunday 23 April. Reduced speed limits and narrowed lanes will remain in place while we complete works between Orams Road and Hill road, along the southbound shoulder and at the Takanini Interchange.


Orams Road Bridge was closed to all traffic starting on Saturday 22 April until October 2017. Signposted traffic detour routes are in place along Everglade Drive, Redoubt Road and Great South Road, while the pedestrian and cyclist path can be accessed via the Puhinui Stream Bridge underpass (off Everglade Drive from inside the Botanic Gardens). More information about the closure can be found on our website http://nzta.govt.nz/projects/southern-corridor-improvements/media.

Safe work zones were installed along Great South Road near the Takanini Interchange. This allows crews to safely upgrade the Interchange bridges, and construct the new northbound on-ramp.

Below is a summary of our activities in April:

Orams Road to Takanini Interchange:

  • Orams Road Bridge was closed and demolition of the eastern span commenced. The road surface was removed and the eastern side of the bridge was excavated by two metres.
  • Retaining wall and noise wall construction was completed along the southbound shoulder from Hill Road to the Takanini Interchange.
  • Under the Alfriston Road Bridge, the motorway continued to be lowered to increase the overhead clearance height for large vehicles. In the median pavements were compacted and asphalting was completed.
  • At Fergusson Reserve, soil has been stockpiled and compacted to prepare for construction of the new Takanini northbound on-ramp. This work continues through May.
  • Sheet piling was completed in the northbound shoulder at Papakura Stream Bridge. Following this, work on the abutments began with steel being placed and concrete poured.

Takanini Interchange

  • At Takanini Interchange, access track construction began in the southbound shoulder.
  • Safe work zones were established along Great South Road and surveys began to locate major services.

Takanini Interchange to Pahurehure Inlet:

  • In the southbound shoulder, pavement works are ongoing. Granular layers were compacted between the new Takanini southbound on-ramp through to the Pahurehure Inlet.
  • Haul road construction and vegetation clearance continued along the northbound shoulder.
  • Retaining wall and noise wall construction continued along the northbound and southbound shoulders. This work will continue throughout 2017.


Throughout May, the project will continue to focus on constructing the additional third lane southbound from the Takanini on-ramp to the Pahurehure Inlet. This lane is scheduled to open to traffic later this month.

On the Orams Road bridge, work will continue to demolish and remove the eastern span and abutment. Piling for the new abutment will follow demolition.

With safe work zones in place at the Takanini Interchange, piling for multiple structures will begin to upgrade the overpass over Great South Road and the northbound on-ramp and off-ramp.

Below is a summary of what we have planned for May:

Orams Road to Takanini Interchange:

  • At Orams Road Bridge, survey work will begin and access pads will be constructed to provide a level surface for heavy machinery. The eastern wall and beams will be removed from the bridge and construction of the new abutment will begin once piling works have been completed.
  • Work continues under Alfriston Road Bridge. With permanent asphalt in place, new median barriers will be constructed in late May.
  • Along the southbound shoulder, final landscaping and drainage works continue. The motorway side of the noise walls will be painted with a design similar to the existing noise walls at Takanini.
  • New median slipform barriers and lighting between Hill Road and the Takanini Interchange continue to be installed.

Takanini Interchange:

  • Piling pads will be constructed along Great South Road to support heavy machinery working on the northbound and southbound sides of the motorway. This is in preparation for piling work to widen both sides of the motorway over Great South Road.
  • Piling work will begin to support the widening of the southbound bridge over the rail way.
  • Work begins to construct the supporting abutments of the new Papakura Stream bridge which will become part of the northbound on-ramp. This includes pouring blinding concrete for each abutment, installing reinforcement steel and formwork to shape the concrete which will be poured on each abutment.

Takanini Interchange to Pahurehure Inlet:

  • Asphalting will continue along the southbound shoulder.
  • Vegetation clearance will continue along the northbound shoulder in preparation for drainage works and noise wall construction, which is also underway in some areas.

Pahurehure Inlet to Papakura Interchange:

  • Pavement works will commence between the Pahurehure Inlet Bridges. This will include compacting granular materials to form a stable surface prior to asphalting later in the month.

When building roads, layers of granular materials are spread and compacted to stabilise the ground prior to asphalting. Above shows a sub-base rock layer being compacted in the southbound shoulder adjacent to Conifer Grove.

After the coarse layer has been compacted, fine layers of smaller rocks, stones, sand and gravel are spread and compacted. Above shows this stage of pavement works in the median, near Alfriston Road Bridge.

The top surfaces of the road are made up of asphalt concrete layers. Each has unique characteristics that reduce tire wear and roadway noise while also prolonging the life of the motorway. Above shows asphalt and line marking in the median near Alfriston Road Bridge.


Additional layers and improved compaction will allow the motorway to handle heavier loads and more traffic over a longer time.  Above shows three lanes southbound at Alfriston Road Bridge, asphalted and linemarked for traffic.


Noise walls south of Takanini Interchange continue to be installed along the northbound and southbound shoulders of the motorway. North of Takanini to Hill Road, noise wall installation has been completed on the southbound shoulder. Painting of the motorway side of the noise walls will begin this month.


In the coming months, work will ramp up around the Takanini Interchange. Construction is already underway on the eight bridges in the area and the new loop for the northbound on-ramp.

With the narrowed lanes, there is less time to react to other vehicles and it is important that motorists keep to the 80 km/h speed limit past our work areas. There will be ongoing truck and project vehicle movements accessing the shoulder and the median work sites. Keeping both motorists and our team members as safe as possible is imperative and we need everyone's help to do this.

As always, we will be doing our best to minimise effects of these works on motorists and the community as much as we can. We thank you for your patience as we work to improve journey reliability and safety along the Southern Corridor.

You can read more background information and find out more about the project through our website, www.nzta.govt.nz/auckland-southern-corridor.

If you have any questions or queries, please contact our team on free phone 0508 NZTA SCI (0508 698 2724) or email us at southerncorridor@nzta.govt.nz. Also feel free to visit us at the Project Office located at 8 Great South Road, Takanini.

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