Star Grading Criteria

Mandatory Minimum Requirements for all Star Graded Vehicles. This criteria must be met at the initial Star Grading check, and also forms the basis for biennial rechecks. To check dates for when rechecks are required, please click here.

Criteria Criteria
Exterior body work to be free from panel damage or rust. Wall and head lining to be in good clean condition, free from stains and soiling.
Paint work free from any scratches or stone chips. Windows to be clean and free from chips, cracks or staining.
Carpets to be free from stains, rips, fading or soiling. Seat upholstery to be free from stains, rips, fraying, fading burns and soiling. Spring and frame to remain functional and intact.

Allegations of Non-Compliance

The BCA works in conjunction with Tourism New Zealand to ensure that Star Graded vehicles continue to meet the standards that reflect their Star Grading status.

Any allegations of non-compliance regarding Star Graded vehicles are now dealt with by BCA operational staff and an independent third party at the first instance.

We will notify the relevant member of an allegation via email and post, and request evidence that the allegation has been remedied or was not accurate to begin with. This evidence must be received within 14 working days. If no evidence is received within this time frame, the BCA will remove the vehicle from its Star Grading database and our website section and notify Tourism New Zealand. This could have ramifications for continuing ADS work.

The evidence received in reply will be assessed by BCA operational staff, and by an independent third party with the necessary technical expertise. Any contentious issues will be forwarded to the Star Grading Committee for final decision.

Please contact the BCA for further information on 04 499 7334 or by email

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