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The New Zealand Industry

  • The New Zealand bus and coach industry is made up of a few large companies and many smaller operators who together provide a wide range of transport options for local and international travellers alike.
  • Together, the bus and coach operators in New Zealand transport 153 million passengers annually.
  • There are over 6,000 buses in the Association's members' fleet, comprising 1,900 school buses, 2,000 urban (city) buses, 2,000 tour and charter coaches, as well as a number of small PSV's in the limousine sector.
  • Taking a bus or coach is the safest method of travelling by road - for example, the Association estimates that children are 38 times safer taking a bus to school than they are walking.
  • The bus industry contributes significantly to reducing pollution (and congestion) in the environment.
  • The bus and coach industry in New Zealand is one of the most vibrant, competitive and deregulated industries in New Zealand, and will continue to grow as public transport takes on an ever-increasing role in today's congested roads.
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