About the Bus and Coach Association of New Zealand

The Bus and Coach Association (NZ) is the authoritative voice of the bus and coach industry in New Zealand. It represents the vast majority of New Zealand's bus and coach fleet through many New Zealand companies, both large and small. A number of key suppliers and manufacturers of vehicles are also active members of the Association.

The objecttives of the association are to:
  • (a) Promote the use of road passenger transport as a valuable resource.
  • (b) Institute, promote and support or oppose legislative or other measures or proceedings affecting the interests of the industry.
  • (c) Take unified action in the interests of the road passenger transport industry.
  • (d) Foster dialogue and a constructive relationship with government and other stakeholders.
  • (e) Represent members by promoting the supply of road passenger transport industry related products and resources to members.
  • (f) Assist members with adding value to their businesses.
  • (g) Promote and encourage ethical and professional conduct amongst members.
  • (h) Enhance the professional standing of the Association's members.
  • (i) Promote and assist with activities related to the road passenger transport industry.
The BCA's Mission Statement is:

"To foster a safe, efficient, sustainable and profitable road passenger transport industry to the mutual benefit of the New Zealand community and Association members."


In order to achieve our Mission, BCA will:

1.      Facilitate best practice industry standards amongst members

2.      Lobby government for a better regulatory environment for the industry

3.      Promote road passenger transport

4.      Provide activities, information, products and services to assist members

5.      Grow the association in size and quality


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